Terms and conditions

General terms

The terms and conditions governs the use of all the services that are provided and available at Mathsbuff.com. The terms of use is to create an understanding between Mathsbuff.com and the visitors. It is the visitors responsibility to read all our terms and conditions before using any of our available services. The company has all the rights to change any of the terms of use and services at any time with or without the knowledge of the visitors and our service users.


Our service includes only learning materials for preschool as of now and our plan extends to other classes depending on the materials usage and response from the visitors. Mathsbuff.com focuses on providing free materials and this is subject to changesat anytime with or without any prior notice to the users. All the materials and services that are provided in the website are the some properties of the owners and no user can change them in their name or use it in the name of Mathsbuff.com. No content can be copied from the website and used in the name of Mathsbuff.Com. Plagiarism is strictly not allowed. The visitors can utilize all our services as far as there is no violation of any of our terms of use.


All information that are provided in the website are subject to changes at any time. It is the visitors and users responsibility to check now and then for the updates. These updates are to enhance the product and material's quality. The website can ask for registration to send all the updates to the regular users. The information will be sent only through email. Mathsbuff protects all the private information about the registered users.