Privacy Policy

Personal Information

The Privacy Policy of Mathsbuff is followed hereby stating and ensuring the safety of the visitors and our registered member’s information. We provide our service through browser and mobile. We receive visitor’s information and personal details from the registered members. We only collect the required details from the users like Name, Email ID’s, other contact information, their location and their age only for our future reference and to send our promotional messages and advertisements and not for any other purpose. We track the number of visits and the duration of visit of our visitors and also of the registered members. We maintain all the information with our safeguards and we assure guaranteed security. We also request our users to safeguard their passwords and user ID’s and to use such sensitive information carefully and not to disclose the information to any one or open the Id’s at any unsafe places like browsing centers or any other’s unsafe computers or laptops or mobiles.

Third Parties

We inform that there will be so many third party interference in our website and in our business. We never disclose such received information from our visitors and members to third parties or to other visitors or to other members or to any of our advertising agencies or companies. The advertising companies might receive your information only when you visit their website by clicking on their advertisements.


Our website uses cookies to collect the user’s information. Our cookie data file collects information like user’s name and the pages that are visited by the user and the duration. Such navigation details and member details collected by the cookies are used only for our official and analyzing purposes. Our cookies are designed in such a way to prevent fiddling. We also use technologies to identify and track the effect of our advertisements. This is also done only for official purposes and to improve the quality of our products.


We maintain an official relationship with all our registered users and visitors and never disclose any private information about the company with them and we do not interfere in any of our user’s private information or secrets. The company’s Privacy Policy and all other information provided in the website are subjected to any kind of changes without or with prior information to the users, our contractors or our advertisers depending on legal or official changes at any time.